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Hello~ Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find various posts of Big Bang, Block B, Nu'est, Teen Top and B.A.P with sprinkles of U-Kiss and other kpop groups~


I like bunnies.



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This panda has been helping me cover up my dark circles

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pros: cons

cons: pros

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Baby: d- d-
Dad: Daddy?
Baby: Digimon digital monsters digimon are the champions


Woop. Teaser number 2. Here we go.


dying is taking too long

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ways to give me anxiety:

  1. sit next to me while im on the computer
  2. say “i need to talk to you”
  3. read my messages and dont reply

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fucking block b part 5 [parts 1-4]

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Shine bright like a washed nintendog image

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